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We have been experts for several decades in sleep recordings and analysis in rats and mice (and their transgenic models).

These last years, in order to determine how sleep states evolved, we study the phenotypic variations of sleep across key species, chosen because of their specific phylogenetic position, ecology or physiology such as birds and lizards.

Coupled with sleep recordings in these species, we have a multidisciplinary methodogical approach: LFPs, autonomic and behavioral recordings, functional neuroanatomy combined with unit recordings and local pharmacology, opto- and chemogenetics, multiunit multisites recordings.

Recently, we have developed a new device for biopotentials recordings on several species (rodents, birds, reptiles,…) by using a wireless recording systems adapted for research in the lab and in the wild. Miniaturization for adapting this device to mice is in progress.

Our area of expertise is also the study of paradoxical (REM) sleep homeostasis. In this context, we have developed a new automated method for manipulating sleep in rats and mice. In particular, this new methodology allows us to realize automated paradoxicla sleep deprivation without altering other vigilance states (wakefulness and slow-wave sleep) and with a minimum of stress, compared to the other existing methods.





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