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The Lyon Sleep Lab is one of the founder groups of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (CRNL), created in  2011 under the auspices of national CNRS and INSERM research institutes and locally of the University Claude Bernard - Lyon 1 (UCBL). Since February 2019, the Lyon Sleep Lab is hosted in the Michel Jouvet Neurocampus building located on Le Vinatier psychiatric hospital. The Neurocampus building is shared with other CRNL teams developing experimental and clinical research (from molecular to cognitive neurosciences) in humans and rodents including high-level technology platforms and an animal facility.

The Lyon Sleep Lab is a well established, internationally recognized research group studying either sleep phylogeny, physiology, function or pathology, with a unique expertise in Paradoxical / REM sleep since its creation in 2003. We are an active member of the highly competitive national program called LabEx CORTEX, the groupement de Recherche GDR SOMMEIL supported by CNRS, the French and European Societies for Sleep Research and Medicine (SFRMS and ESRS respectivelly) and the local Neuroscience and Cognition Doctoral School (NSCo) from UCBL. This doctoral school gathers together international PhD students and members of Lyon’s scientific community, with a particular focus on integrative and cognitive Neuroscience (